eVolve (EC) – Fulfillment & eCommerce Applications

Companies of all kinds and sizes are challenged with the growing complexity of managing storefronts, assets, business rules and operational aspects of the fulfillment process. With FGS the challenges of today and tomorrow have been overcome.

As one of our flagship products within the eVolve suite of solutions, eVolve EC is offered to support fulfillment, marketing and ecommerce services. This dynamic and powerful product has been developed to offer an end-to-end business solution to companies in all industries. Your business may sell products, services, or a combination of both, and our systems will support you end-to-end. The technology and operational processes employed must align with your marketing and sales strategy to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of that strategy. eVolve EC has the power to fill the gap between your strategic mission and the operational requirements needed to execute and manage.

With eVolve EC you will not need to retain multiple technology or service partners, develop in-house or outsource to custom software development partners to create or develop storefronts specific to your needs or the needs of your divisions or business units. Companies require storefronts and other order placement solutions to support the sale or products and services to consumers and distributors, to support fulfillment for literature, premiums and samples, to support and drive document creation, customization, personalization and co-branded programs. With eVolve EC and the expertise we have here at FGS you will have the ability to bring all your business units together into one central platform without losing unique and specialized features and functionality each will require. If your strategy is to centralize multiple business units or to launch a single program you will improve user experience and improve your ability to control, report, and analyze.

Storefronts and order placement solutions:

The eVolve EC storefront is truly a powerful ecommerce platform with all the options found in many of the top retail business sites on the Internet. It is loaded with features and functionality to support business-to-business order entry, consumer-based ecommerce transactions, creation and customization of literature, premiums, and kits; all in a single platform.
eVolve EC, as with all FGS products, is easy to use and capable of taking in thousands of orders per day. We want the best user experience possible for our clients and user groups. With eVolve EC we not only brand it to your look and feel, we’ll collaborate with clients and user groups to establish a consistent workflow.

Internal, External, and Retail Storefront

Integrations & EDI
  • Built in database or EDI real-time integration to client databases
  • EDI and data file integration to client management, warehouse, or third party systems
  • Punch Out integration and back-end website integration
  • Integrates with all popular CRM systems
Consumer and User Activity Capture & Information Storage
  • Customer or client profile & Information account setup
  • Powerful roles-based administration
  • Past and present Purchases Activity
  • Site activity logs searches, views, and all requests
  • Consumer Login Triggers to promote & recommend products
  • Warehouse and inventory real-time integration & alerts
  • Corporate and Consumer awards and points features
  • Favorites and product collaboration
Search Features & Functionality
  • Advanced catalog search criteria defined by client
  • Automatic filtering for logged-in user
  • User-specific favorites for quick retrieval/ordering of high-volume items
  • One-click search will query all data item identifiers and descriptions
  • Drill-down by territory, location, or other client-defined attribute
  • Search custom metadata assigned to any item
Shopping Experience, Cart, Features & Functionality
  • Image Icons with product facts, item cost and retail price and all other product information
  • Unlimited Multi-Category Structure
  • Assign and manage assets used in the storefront or other communication process.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use shopping cart based order-entry
  • Many cross-selling features such as Related, Featured, Popular, and Suggested Products
  • Send to a friend
  • Ship to single or multiple destinations
  • Profile information population
  • E-mails and immediate confirmation notification
  • Real-time inventory level and backorder notifications
Shipping & Payment Features & Functionality
  • Shipping method choice & selection with many business rules to control cost
  • Rate Shopping allows comparative pricing to automatically ship using the best method
  • Real-time status and ETA notifications upon ordering and at time of shipping
  • Zero-payment orders, budget allowances and credit card payments accepted
  • Approval Queue provides extended cost-management of order volume
  • Web-enabled tracking information provides up to the minute proof-of-delivery

Client Administration Management Module

eVolve EC provides a powerful administration module that allows our clients to fully manage the fulfillment and maintenance features of the storefront and back-end operations. This module operates in real-time so if an operational change is required to a specific item, user, or other business rule, our clients will have the ability at their fingertips. The module supports operational requirements for products, literature, products and premium items. This fully integrated real-time solution provides for a seamless and ultra-efficient process and management infrastructure.

Item setup & management Infrastructure
  • Client defined setup and establish hierarchies – Company>Division>Department>User
  • Unlimited categories and item classification groups
  • Extensive and numerous client-defined fields at item level
  • Attach and assign images to items with auto-resize to fit storefront location
  • Setup Item, upload image and PDF assets, and activate on storefront in real-time
  • Item setup features include state and territory specific logic to restrict use and access
  • Set items in the storefront to allow user to email as an option to paper
  • Automatic action fields help to manage through effective date, obsolescence date and activate or inactivate all in real-time
  • Features to manage items using private, premium, view only, download by item or group
  • Control features for order maximum by quantity, value, user group, or other hierarchy.
  • Re-order tools support the supply chain process with re-stocking and re-order features.
  • Free fields available for all items to support reporting and analytics
  • Item cost fields for payment, valuations, order costs and allocation to cost centers
  • Intuitive features to setup and process standard, dynamic, and custom kits
  • Item features to mark as critical and assign replacement or backorder for kits
  • Dynamic order features to control and manage users and groups ordering ability
  • Capture and store print item specifications to manage digital and conventional method
  • Assets and items store in the FGS @Access EDL for central access & control
  • System-driven e-mail alert features allow administrators to control alerts for low stock, re-order point, review date, obsolescence date and many more.

FGS offers it’s eVolve eDistribution application as an integrated component to this administration module. Further information about this product can be found in the eVolve eDistribution brochure.