eVolve WTP – Add web to print to your Marcom arsenal.

eVolve WTP is a robust web-based storefront that offers the ability to create, customize and personalize documents of any kind. This application is used to decentralize document creation to end-users without the loss of control related to your design, brand, content and business rules. It’s a great tool for companies with large sales forces, distributors, branches, franchises and other third parties that use literature or to execute campaigns. It can be the solution for co-branded and customized one to one marketing strategies. You can minimize and eliminate the dependency on internal and external design steps, improve time to market, and reduce costs.
Retail strategies are another great way to utilize this web-to-print solution. With ability to integrate to your website just about any type of retail program can be deployed. Whatever your product or service FGS can help you determine if web to print is the right solution, we can engineer and setup the entire design to payment process.

Concept and Strategy: Why web to print should be added to your marcom arsenal.

With eVolve WTP you can re-think the way you create, produce, and collaborate. There is no limit to the ways it can be setup and deployed.

Marketing Solutions:
  • Can use this tool to create and execute campaigns through print and eDelivery
  • To create custom solutions for co-branding strategies and other third party partnership programs
  • Deploy customization and personalization solutions to the sales force and other sales channel
  • Deploy as a way to create and execute custom product and service brochures and personalize to clients and customers
  • Create presentations and other sales documents specific to an event, sales meeting or conference
  • Support marketing and sales strategies for rewards and lead generation programs
  • Create documents specific to the recipient, audience or event
  • Tie in client and customer use for creative downstream strategies to support sales
  • Control user access, protect brand designs, and set approvals to limit use and flexibility around content and data
  • Improve time to market by reducing conventional design and document production steps
  • Reduce costs associated with design, production, waste, and obsolescence
  • Improve usage and response rates
Sales Solutions:
  • Create and customize materials with multiple products or services specific to recipient interest
  • Create custom presentations, brochures, fact sheets and other sales documents
  • Create and execute lead generation and loyalty programs
  • Personalize materials based on recipient information and interest
  • Setup and execute print and email campaigns
  • Customize and order premiums and other branded materials
Operations and Human Resources:
  • Create and update employee personalized handbooks, forms, and other internal communications
  • Create and order business cards and other personalized stationary
  • Create personalized employee benefits documents
Branch and Franchise Solutions:
  • Create and order materials customized to your location
  • Create and execute marketing programs specific to our location and audience
  • Customize and replenish Internal signage, promotions and handouts
  • Customize and order premiums

Features and functionality:

eVolve WTP is a template-driven system with a web-based storefront. The system is loaded with all the tools needed to create an intuitive and simple user experience. Templates can be created in Quark, In-Design or other desktop design applications, and FGS will use your file to incorporate the template, and provide any variable programming needed within the storefront.

Storefront Capability:
  • User based content form fill using textboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, and other familiar data-input and document creation controls.
  • Select Images, photographs, signatures, logos from internal group or user specific libraries
  • Company>Division>Department and user based level access rights and restrictions
  • Data integration and graph creation
  • Recipient list upload for distribution and personalization
  • Auto-creation of Table of Contents and document index
  • Theme and other marketing concept methods for event purpose, product or offering type
  • Complete step by step process to create > Print > Deliver
  • Payment solutions including credit card, bill backs and for cost allocation needs.
  • File creation for eDelivery and HTML
Management Features & Capability
  • Organize items using unlimited categories
  • Single or multi-step approvals with internal collaboration between user and approver
  • Powerful user rights and restrictions
  • Brand and company design protection
  • Project Management and order tracking
  • Integrate to CRM, Web Site and other management, sourcing systems
  • Real-time data integration to support auto-created documents
  • Shared or independent database integration
  • Fulfillment system integration (Can be deployed within order entry platform)
Data Security & Protection

FGS takes the security and protection of your assets and programs very seriously. eVolve (WTP) has been designed from the bottom up with this in mind. New and evolving industry best practices related to data security and protection are constantly monitored and introduced to this and all FGS products and technological solutions.

  • FGS is a SAS 70 type II Certified Company
  • FGS is Fully HIPPA Compliant
  • FGS is Fully FDA and DEA Compliant and Registered